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The benefits of using a fleet management system


Pin point the precise location of your vehicles around the clock, no matter the time of day enabling you to establish accurate ETAs.

Camera Integration

View your vehicles on your tracking system and select any of these vehicles to view a live feed from any of the dash cameras fitted to the vehicle.

Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour is vital when it come to fleet management,as monitoring this will help improve considerable amounts when it comes too fuel expenditure, wear and tear & safety. Bringing overall costs down in your business and allowing to operate more efficiently.


Accurately identify persistent speeding offenders and the roads they are speeding on.

Live traffic

Pin point the precise location of your vehicles around the clock, no matter the time of day enabling you to establish accurate ETAs.

Engine Idling

Excessive engine idling is a massive waste of fuel, especially in trucks. Idling reporting will let you know which vehicles have been idling for long periods of time so that you can manage the problem.


Geo-fencing enables users to define geographical boundaries, a virtual barrier around specific locations and even setting up different parameters within these barriers.

Driver terminal

This is a unit which is attached to the dashboard of your vehicles. This gives your drivers live feedback on how efficiently they are driving and is a proactive way of lowering fuel consumption and improving driving standards.


  • Industry – Haulage

    “I have been using tracking systems for the last 6 years within my business. After talking to the team at VTC they helped me realise the importance of monitoring data and not just location. They suggested two companies that could that fit within our budget which offered us demo’s of their system – one of which we bought!”

    – Dan Smith

  • Industry – Coach & Bus

    “We have been running our family business for over 10 years and never had tracking. When looking into what was available it was very confusing…VTC helped explain what everything meant, the benefits & suggested what would be best for our business. Great help!”

    – Emily Hill

  • Industry – Construction

    “Tag Construction have been users of telematics for a few years. Every year we review our system to see if there is more cost effective platforms available which takes a lot of time. We told VTC what we was looking for and they did the hard work to find us a tracking system which beat the price we was currently paying..saving us time and money.”

    – Ricky Patel