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Car GPS Trackers How Do They Work?

Vehicle Tracking / Thursday 18th October, 2018

Managing a large fleet of vehicles can be quite a challenge. As a manager you have to know where each vehicle in the fleet is, as well as how long or far it’s been driven for tracking and accountability purposes.

Vehicle tracking devices are used to take the hassle out of keeping tabs on each vehicle in a fleet, by enabling convenient and accurate recording of essential driving data.

Depending on the type of device you choose, vehicle trackers can go a long way in helping you get real-time or recorded information that can be used to improve your operations.

Read on to find out more about vehicle trackers how do they work?

Car GPS Trackers

How Do Trackers Work?

Vehicle trackers provide all the information you need to monitor your fleet using a satellite network and cellular networks.

The tracking device is designed to pin point a vehicles location with the help of satellites in orbit. The tracker then uses cellular networks to communicate the information they have recorded to an administrator’s computer. Some trackers also use cellular networks to pin point their location in case they get to an area where the satellite signal is too weak. This is why some GPS tracking services require users to pay a monthly fee.

Types Of Trackers

Vehicle trackers are divided into two main types, with regard to how they operate, especially when it comes to the communication of the recorded driving information; these are passive and active.

Passive GPS trackers are designed to start relaying travel information as soon as the vehicle door is opened or, the engine is turned on. From this point the device also starts recording relevant vehicle usage information, including heading, speed and GPS data. The recorded information is then downloaded after the vehicle in question is returned to its base.

Active trackers on the other hand continuously upload the data they record via a cellular signal to the designated computer without the need for docking once the vehicle returns to base. By using these devices, you can be able to track the vehicle in question even if the tracker is turned off. When the vehicle drives through an area with poor cellular coverage, the tracker records all the necessary information, and continues the real-time upload when a signal is picked up again.

Most vehicle tracking systems combine the use of both types of trackers for best results.

Tracking System Requirements

To understand vehicle trackers how do they work, you need to have an idea of the different components of a tracking system.

The first component is the tracking device. This component is discretely fitted onto every vehicle in the fleet. The gadget records a host of information, in line with the user’s requirements, including vehicle speed, tyre pressure, fuel consumption, headlight use, engine status, idling time and so much more. The tracking data can be relayed from anywhere on earth simply because the GPS system is global.

The second component is the GPS Tracking Software/Server. The information recorded by the tracker can be viewed by authorised personnel once it’s sent to the GPS tracking server or software in use. Where the information is uploaded in real-time, it can be viewed instantaneously.

Last but not least, we have the User Interface. This component can be defined as the means through which the recorded and transmitted information can be interacted with. For instance, tracking information is displayed using a digital map on a screed.

Now that your question about trackers how do they work has been comprehensively answered, you are better positioned to appreciate how they can be used to improve business operations. Customers can be informed of the progress of their deliveries, while important accounting information is also made available.

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