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Tips For Choosing a GPS Tracker

Vehicle Tracking / Thursday 25th October, 2018

Installing a GPS tracker on your vehicle not only gives you peace of mind, but it can save you a substantial amount of money as well. Whether you plan to fit the tracking device on your personal vehicle, or to your company cars as a part of fleet management, there are a number of things that you should consider if you want the right tracking system for your needs.


Choosing a GPS Tracker

The Type of Tracking System

In this day and age, there are different types of car tracking systems. The most common one for individual users is the onboard navigation system that utilizes global positioning system technology to provide the best route from one place to another. There are other GPS trackers that monitor the position of a car at any time, and these are especially useful for fleet management. Most of the GPS systems can be activated in the event of an accident, immediately alerting the emergency services the location of the car. This is especially useful if the car has left the designated route, or has crashed in a remote region.

Speed Limit Monitor

Some car tracking systems ideally come with a speed limit monitor which notifies fleet managers when the vehicles go beyond the speed limit. Speeding not only costs a business money in wasted fuel, but it can also ruin the company’s reputation and even possible prosecution of the drivers as a result of breaking the speed limits. Speed limit monitors are beneficial for fleet managers, as they are able to stop drivers who go beyond the speed limits from wasting fuel money and more importantly, endangering their lives and other road users.

Real-time Tracking

The best GPS trackers out there have the ability to use real-time wireless networks that present information through visual representation. This enables the driver to ascertain that they are taking the right route as indicated by the system. As for the fleet managers, real-time tracking allows them to know the location of the vehicle at any time, thus granting them the ability track the progress of a shipment, or send the nearest car to a pickup location.

Quality Vs Price

Even though it can be tempting to settle for the cheapest GPS tracker, the more you invest in a system the higher the quality. Cheaper trackers might be adequate, but they lack certain features and will certainly function poorly compared to systems of higher quality. If you plan to fit a tracking system as part of a fleet management strategy, keep in mind that it’s a business investment that’s intended to enhance the efficiency of a significant part of your business.

A bigger investment at the start will certainly lead to bigger savings in the long haul. Since GPS tracking systems can ideally play an essential role in your safety and quick recovery if the car is stolen, cheap devices may let you down when you need them the most.

Voice Instructions

Voice activation has really advanced in the past several years and in most tracking systems, you can be able to use voice instructions. This, however, may not be very useful in a fleet management strategy and so, it’s usually better to pick a system that accepts remote instructions from a central unit. This way, a GPS tracker can ideally double as a receiver for instructions relayed to the user, especially in remote regions where mobile reception may be poor. However, for individual users, it’s always great to have a GPS tracking system that you can control with your voice as you drive.

By carefully thinking about your tracking system investment and picking the right one for your needs, a GPS tracker can certainly become an essential part of your daily life, giving you a more efficient operation and peace of mind.

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