Business vehicle tracking guide: how to create a cost-efficient business

Business Vehicle Tracking & How It Can Help You

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Vehicle trackers have grown in popularity with plenty of drivers installing gadgets such as a car dash cam or satnavs with GPS live tracking to their dashboards. With advancements in GPS tracker technology, this useful software has now expanded into the commercial market with business vehicle tracking offering transport and fleet managers the opportunity to implement the most cost-efficient operations possible.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about how installing a vehicle tracking system can benefit your business.

What Is Business Vehicle Tracking?

From car and van trackers to small tracking devices for motorcycles, vehicle trackers come in all shapes and sizes while offering different functions depending on installation type and the model you buy. The main function of a tracking device is to offer real-time information on the location of a vehicle, but there are many other features which this advanced software can now provide. The various types include plug and play trackers, hardwired devices and satnav-integrated trackers.


  • Plug & play trackers – This type of GPS tracking device is best used when a portable option is required. It’s easy to self-install into a vehicle’s OBD port (if compatible) and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle whenever you want. They’re ideal for those who frequently use rentals or have fleet which aren’t always in use.
  • Hardwired trackers – Often seen as the most powerful of all three choices, hardwired devices will require professional installation. They’re more accurate than other trackers, offering wider GPS coverage and integration with other fleet management software. This provides data which is more in-depth, including integration with fuel sensor systems.
  • Satnav-integrated trackers – Another portable option, vehicle tracking installed within satnav screens allows for complete journey planning, in-cab routing and all the benefits which come with satnav technology, including identifying points of interest such as fuel and rest stops.
5 Benefits of Business Vehicle Trackers

When looking at the benefits of business vehicle tracking, there are plenty on offer. Each advantage gained aims to improve the efficiency of your operations, saving you time and money to increase your ROI.

    1. Shortened driver journeys
      Routing and journey planning is one of the best parts about installing a vehicle tracker in your fleet. It’s possible to accurately plan out journeys to take the most efficient route while taking into account factors along the way such as restrictions, depending on your vehicle type. Live traffic reports also provide real-time information to drivers so that they can avoid congested areas. Planning optimum routes saves both time and money spent on fuel, as well as reducing engine idling time. Increasing productivity will have a positive effect on your profits.

2. Monitor driver behaviour

It’s not just vehicles you can keep an eye on. Better fleet management opportunities are provided through detailed information about the way your vehicles are being driven, producing analysis which has changed the landscape of fleet training. Reports on harsh steering, harsh braking, excessive engine idling, fuel consumption, geo-fencing (outlining zones for vehicles to stay within) and speeding reports are available so that you can address your concerns with all the facts in front of you.

3. Automated processes

Much time is often spent on administrative tasks onsite which can be frustrating for drivers while taking up more of their time and vehicle fuel. With tacho integration software, it’s possible to record driver hours without them travelling back to the office. This is particularly useful when drivers are using their own vehicles or taking their business vehicle home at night. The software is also helpful to ensure your business is compliant with regulations regarding driver hours and their break times, alerting both the driver and fleet managers to the situation.


4. Maintained vehicles

Costly repairs and breakdowns can make a dent in your profits. By installing a vehicle tracking device, it’s easier than ever to keep on top of your fleet’s servicing plans and the condition and status of each vehicle. If there is anything wrong with the vehicle such as broken lights or low tyre treads, the situation can be managed immediately, ensuring any maintenance work is carried out as quickly as possible. Monitoring vehicle check reports allows for fewer breakdowns, lower insurance costs, optimum vehicle availability and higher resale values.


5. Happier customers

Improving the efficiency of your fleet can only be a good thing for the end user. It provides a better level of customer service, knowing where not only a driver and vehicle are but the customer’s goods too. By implementing efficient processes, it’s possible to offer faster turnaround times and accurate planning when it comes to detailing timescales for customers, fulfilling their needs as much as you can. In an ever-competitive business world, this is more important than ever.


Integrating with a Vehicle Tracking App

One of the biggest advancements in vehicle tracking technology has been its integration with tablet and smartphone apps, allowing managers to monitor their fleet while on the move. Many manufacturers offer these apps as part of their packages, further improving the way vehicles can be managed. Vehicle tracking apps are available which are located purely on drivers’ phones. However, low battery, poor signal and driver’s remembering their phones can affect the reliability of car tracking device UK methods.

  • Monitor vehicles while out of the office and locate drivers whenever you need to.
  • Locate the nearest driver for a job when an urgent call comes in.
  • Have access to reports and analysis when out of office hours.
  • Spend less time tracking down drivers for customers.
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience, giving them access to driver locations or information about their delivery.
  • Reduce the amount of wasted journeys your vehicles make.
  • Implement easy, cost-effective ways for drivers to submit hours and timesheets.

Once you’ve decided that fleet management live trackers are a great option for your business, it’s important to find the right one for your needs.

How to Find the Best Car Tracking Device

Finding the best GPS trackers, as well as the right functions to give you a great ROI can be a challenge for many businesses, especially when you’re busy or don’t have specialist knowledge about the vehicle tracking industry. Elements to consider include cost, the features you want, the size of your fleet, suitable tracker types, installation options, different models from the same manufacturers and integration capabilities with other software, not to mention the time and resources you have available to find this information out while presenting it in a clear, understandable way.

One of the easiest ways to feel confident you’ve found the most suitable car tracking device at the best price is by using the expertise of a vehicle tracking channel such as VTC. We provide specialist comparison services for those looking for vehicle tracking software for their fleet.

Why use our services?
  • The VTC team offers personalised services, not just results on a screen. An expert can talk through your options with you to make sure the software we identify for you ticks all the boxes.
  • We take the time to find out about your business setup and the vehicles you want to track. This includes how many vehicles in your fleet (even if it’s just one motorcycle tracker you need!), the types of vehicle involved and anything else you need from the software.
  • We don’t just show you the lowest priced options. To give you the best ROI potential, we’ll work with you the find the best value products which can offer you great cost savings over time, making your investment more worthwhile.
  • Find a GPS tracker for car, motorcycle and van fleets which has all the features you want. This includes basic functions such as real-time vehicle locations and advanced functions such as fuel card integration and driver behaviour reporting. We’ll explore your options with you to make sure you have everything covered.
  • Tracking device manufacturers often offer a variety of package options, so we can break down what’s included in each of these to ensure you choose the most suitable one for your requirements. Some also provide additional bolt-ons which is a great way to customise the software to your specific needs.

With our specialist knowledge of the vehicle tracking industry, we have all the information required at our fingertips, saving you a lot of time and effort conducting such research yourselves. Once we’ve found out more about your specific requirements, it’s simple for us to identify which systems are going to meet your needs, presenting you with a range of options. We only recommend systems which have been tried and tested, using reputable manufacturers such as Crystal Ball, Teletrac Navman, TomTom, Fleetmatics (now Verizon Connect), RAM Tracking and Quartix, to name a few. Having in-depth knowledge of the industry also means we’re able to keep track of the latest developments, technology, new releases and discount deals, meaning our customers return to use our services time and time again.

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