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Car Tracking Device UK Facts vs. Fiction – Debunking the Myths

Vehicle Tracking / Friday 20th April

With so much information about the different types of vehicle tracking system out there, it’s no wonder that trying to work out the best tracking device for your fleet has become a mammoth challenge.

With conflicting information from different sources, as well as constant changes in the car tracking device UK industry, it’s not unusual for fleet managers to become overwhelmed when trying to look for the most suitable software for their fleet.

To help you, we’ve put together the following vehicle tracking guide to sort the truth from the fake news.

The Car Tracking Device UK Guide to the Truth About Telematics Software

Dilemma 1: “Vehicle tracking costs too much”

One of the most common reasons we hear for not wanting to invest in telematics software is the worry that it’s too expensive and the benefits aren’t worth the time and money required to make it a success. It’s true; the initial outlay is something you’d need to look at, including the cost of purchasing the software, installation costs and also monthly fees attached to contracts which provide you with the access to your data and reports.

Luckily, many brands offer a range of packages, so if your budget is small, you could start off with a basic GPS tracker for car dashboards and upgrade at a later time. For those who do have more they can invest, the opportunities to make money are great. Advancements in fleet management technology, including integration with vehicle hardware, extensive journey planning, financial data (e.g., accurate costing of each job) and monitoring of vehicle conditions has allowed businesses to become more cost-efficient than ever. This means that the cost savings they make by minimising expenses such as excessive fuel, labour and overtime claims, as well as repairs and breakdowns, can far outweigh the cost of the software.

OUR VERDICT: Business vehicle tracking isn’t something which comes for free, but the ROI achieved can cut your costs considerably and improve those all-important profit margins.

Dilemma 2: “Fleet management software is a lot of hassle to install”

The first thing to consider with any concerns is that there are different forms of installation based on the type of vehicle tracker you choose. We mainly see three different types of
GPS tracking device and each has their own merits and drawbacks.


  1. Hardwired devices: These advanced trackers are required for the widest coverage and more advanced data collection, hardwiring the device into the electrical system behind a vehicle’s dashboard. This makes it difficult to tamper with and can be integrated with other systems such as fuel sensors, alarms and ignition. This type of car tracking device will need installation by a trained engineer, and many brands include this in their packages. The downside becomes apparent if you have a setup which requires you to change vehicles often or you have fleet which isn’t always in use.
  2. Plug and play devices: Many vehicle trackers can simply be self-installed into a vehicles OBD II socket as long as its compatible with the device. This is great if you want to move the tracker from vehicle to vehicle or remove it at the end of each day, and while less secure than hardwired systems, can be fitted with anti-tamper alarms. The drawback of plug and play devices is that they don’t have as many integration possibilities so the data and reports you can produce will be much more basic.
  3. Satnav integrated devices: Built into satnav screens, this type of device is ideal for those who want basic tracking with all the benefits of satnav technology. This includes in-cab routing and finding points of interest during the day such as petrol stations and rest stops.

OUR VERDICT: While some trackers can be simply plugged in to start working, for more advanced options, you’ll need to have them professionally installed. This may seem like a hassle, but is something most manufacturers offer as a service.

Dilemma 3: “Installing a vehicle tracking device is just an excuse to spy on people”

Some businesses worry about the reaction of their workforce when implementing fleet management live systems. It’s true that some companies wish to start monitoring driver behaviour, but this may be for practices which are using excessive fuel or damaging the condition of the vehicles as well as the reputation of your company. This can be for actions such as harsh braking, excessive engine idling and speeding. Explaining the reason behind the software is a great way to get your staff on board and can be used as an educational tool for all. Those who persist in inappropriate behaviour and unsafe practices may face action, but appropriate management is the key here to ensure safety (drivers and the public), your reputation, vehicle conditions and efficient operations are made a priority.

Some teams may find morale increases after installing the software with many benefits on offer to drivers as well as the business and customers. Functions can include journey planning – plotting the best routes for them to take, using GPS live traffic information to avoid congested areas, automated submission of driver hours and vehicle condition reports which means less time travelling back to base and car dash cam technology which can provide video evidence in the event of an accident. Lone workers have also found the benefits of the technology with the peace of mind someone always knows exactly where they are and how long they’ve been there. Drivers may also find themselves dealing with happier customers, who can also track where they are via a vehicle tracking app if this is something you want to implement.

OUR VERDICT: Car tracking device UK products are not used to “spy” on people. Their primary function is to improve the business and help improve the way operations are run, enhancing efficiency and helping drivers to have smoother journeys. This leads to higher productivity, satisfied customers and a happier workforce all round!

Dilemma 4: “It’s impossible to find the best car tracking device without having hours to spend on research”

This is something which puts many fleet managers off looking for the right GPS tracker system for their vehicles. When they see the amount of information out there, as well as a wide range of companies offering similar products and varying packages, it’s no wonder the thought of spending hours trawling through research is turning managers away. After all, you could spend a lot of time researching a product which isn’t the right fit for your business or doesn’t meet all your requirements.

Car Tracking Device UK Facts vs. Fiction – Debunking the MythsAn easier way to approach the issue is to first define your needs. Think about what data you want to collect, who you’re tracking, the benefits you want to get out of using the software and where you want to take your business. Having defined goals and outcomes will make it easier to identify the right small tracking devices to install in your fleet. You should also have a clear budget, but if you plan to upgrade your system as you achieve greater returns or your business grows, ensure you select a scalable option.


One of the best solutions available to fleet managers is the use of a comparison channel which provides services for businesses who don’t have the time to look for the right software or would rather have a specialist find them the best deal. If you shop around for fleet insurance or new vehicles, why would you not do the same for your software? Vehicle tracking experts have all the information you need at their fingertips, and they’ll only require a few details about your setup and needs to identify packages which suit your requirements. It’s one of the fastest, hassle-free ways to find the right fleet management solution, whether you need one motorcycle tracker or 50 van trackers.

OUR VERDICT: While you may be lucky enough to quickly stumble upon a solution which ticks all your boxes, whether it’s the most suitable tracker for your business and one which will provide you with the best ROI is another matter. To be sure, use the services of an expert such as those at the Vehicle Tracking Channel.

Ready to Take the Leap? Speak to An Expert Now

If you now understand that installing telematics software isn’t the costly, stress-filled experience that you feared it might be, it’s time to find the right solution for your fleet. Get in touch with the experts here at the VTC for simple, personalised services to identify the most suitable tracker for your fleet. We only recommend quality products from trusted brands, look for the best deal (including those which can provide with great returns) and talk you through your options step by step.

When you make initial contact, we’ll just need a few details about the size of your fleet, type of vehicle you want to track and whether you would like dash cam technology included in our search. We’ll then find some of the best car tracking device UK packages which meet your requirements. Easy!

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