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Fleet Management Live Software – Reputable Tracking Brands

Vehicle Tracking / Saturday 21st April

When you’re looking at implementing fleet management live technology into your business, there are so many factors to look at. From suitability to your business goals to the features you want to have installed in the software, there’s much to think about when trying to find the best car tracking device for your fleet.

One of the main decisions you’ll make is choosing a brand which can supply you with everything you need, including their prices coming within your budget and providing you with the data you require to achieve your goals.

Here at the Vehicle Tracking Channel, we only recommend trusted, reliable brands with a reputation for excellence in the fleet management industry. Let’s take a look at some of these manufacturers, what they specialise in and what they can offer your business.

6 of the Best Brands in the Fleet Management Live Software Industry

While there are many different trackers and software systems in the field, these 6 manufacturers provide some of the best quality, tried and tested products around. But who are they, what do they offer and who should consider them as a great choice for their telematics software?

Crystal Ball

Who are Crystal Ball?

Crystal Ball specialises in providing vehicle, camera and mobile tracking systems in a single platform for all your workforce management needs. They have a focus on measuring what you can’t see, improving safety and compliance (including a fantastic lone worker protection system) and allow for bespoke packages with a series of bolt-on options to complement their standard package.

Their trackers:

Their vehicle tracking system for fleets has a great range of features, including a dashboard, reports, alerts, live locations and journey history, geo-fencing, journey playback and security system. As well as their web-based platform, they also offer mobile phone tracking with their MobileTrack software so that you can track vehicles easily while on the move.

Great for:

  • Those looking for car dash cam technology with their SmartCam system which includes 3G HD video and speed camera data.
  • Lone workers – Their BS8484 compliant solution includes routine welfare checks, GPS live locations, automated panic alarms and an open audio facility.
  • Bespoke packages – Customise your fleet management live software with their FleetTracker bolt-ons which include driver behaviour, driver ID, remote immobilisation, a manager vehicle tracking app, fuel card integration and asset management (e.g., MOT dates, vehicle expenses etc.).


Who are Quartix?

Supplying vehicle tracking services since 2001, Quartix have installed over 300,000 units, work with over 10,000 fleet customers (as well as 12 major insurance clients) and have operations in the UK, France and the USA.

Their trackers:

Working with customers from a wide range of industries, their software and reports can be accessed via the internet. Main features of their tracking device products include real-time tracking screens, daily tracking logs, route map displays and a mobile app for tracking on the move. They offer three packages, and their larger ones include geo-fencing, driver behaviour, capacity reports, management dashboards, organisational processes and duty of care compliance policies.

Great for:

  • Choosing the right package to suit your needs as well as additional options for specialist requirements such as temperature monitoring, ancillary input and driver identification
  • As well as long-term options, they offer short rental contracts without auto-renew
  • Finding a good range of features, integrating with reports which can also be emailed straight to your inbox

RAM Tracking

Who are RAM Tracking?

Established since 2004, RAM Tracking pride themselves on technological innovation and customer support. They offer free system upgrades every year and provide data via a secure web-based account which can be accessed via your desktop or mobile at any time. A knowledgeable UK-based team provide full training and technical support for their simple interface and easy to understand reports.

Their trackers:

RAM Tracking reports their devices will save businesses up to 50% on fuel and achieve 30% more productivity within a fleet. They specialise in all types of fleet management software including the provision of van trackers and business vehicle tracking systems. Their telematic software includes many great features, including real-time locations, speeding alerts, traffic congestion, maintenance reminders, journey times and more.

Great for:

  • Businesses who appreciate innovation and want the latest industry advancements
  • Financial reporting and detailed overviews of the costs involved with each job
  • Accessing from anywhere, anytime with an interactive login page
  • Up to date information, including the use of easy-to-interpret graphics

Teletrac Navman

Who are Teletrac Navman?

Teletrac Navman are a reputable company who provide a wide range of fleet management solutions including fleet and asset tracking, compliance features, driver behaviour and safety monitoring, connected workflow, stolen vehicle tracking, heavy equipment management and mobility features.

Their trackers: Their software is designed to simplify fleet management, and they’ve designed a platform to help businesses achieve their goals. Their main solutions include a DIRECTOR package for increased fleet intelligence and an asset management solution for mixed fleets and heavy equipment.

Great for:

  • Mapping and routing functions
  • Proactive managing, in-vehicle notifications and two-way messaging
  • Smarter compliance, including meeting HMRC regulations for business and private mileage
  • Management of heavy construction equipment


Who are TomTom?

One of the most famous names you’ll see in the vehicle tracker industry, TomTom are most widely are usually known for their range of satnavs. However, not only do they provide GPS tracker products for routing purposes but for vehicle tracking reasons too.

Their trackers: Their car tracking device UK systems include main features such as real-time vehicle tracking, driver behaviour and fuel saving functions, driver communication features, tachograph management technology, remaining driver times and extensive reports.

Great for:

  • Those who know and love TomTom products
  • Third party integration solutions including office applications and Bluetooth devices such as temperature sensors, printers, tire pressures, barcode scanners and more
  • Various packages to meet a range of needs. Their basic entry level tracking is a plug and play device for easy self-installation. Their most advanced option allows for extensive reporting, communication with the office and a driver terminal for navigation

Verizon Connect (Fleetmatics)

Who are Verizon Connect?

Formerly known as Fleetmatics, Verizon Connect offer a full suite of solutions, delivering leading mobile technology platforms and solutions across multiple countries. Their fleet management software offers a vehicle tracking device which enhances fleet visibility across every facet.

Their trackers: With web-based maps and software, view your fleet account anytime, anywhere. They provide easy to use dashboards and help businesses to look at what they have and how it’s being used, increasing both productivity and efficiency. Features available include usage reporting, hardware diagnostic alerts, maintenance scheduling and parts management.

Their trackers: With web-based maps and software, view your fleet account anytime, anywhere. They provide easy to use dashboards and help businesses to look at what they have and how it’s being used, increasing both productivity and efficiency. Features available include usage reporting, hardware diagnostic alerts, maintenance scheduling and parts management.

Great for:

  • A GPS tracking device suitable for all makes, models and assets, even if requiring a car, truck, van or motorcycle tracker
  • Hardware solutions and asset management
  • Smart system driver education tools and safety monitoring



How to Choose the Right Brand for Your Fleet

When looking for the best GPS tracker for car, van or even motorcycle fleets, it can be hard to find the right system to meet all your needs. If you’re still unsure which car tracking device is the most suitable for your business, we provide a solution which is fast, simple and hassle-free.

Our team of experts here at the Vehicle Tracking Channel (VTC) have all the answers at their fingertips, saving fleet managers from spending hours trawling through the information available online. We’ll take into account your fleet size, the types of vehicle you want to track, what data you want to collect and the features you want to include (such as camera technology) to identify some of the best deals available.


  • WIDE RANGE OF PACKAGES: We understand the different packages available with each brand of tracker, finding you an option which suits both your needs and budgetary requirements.
  • POTENTIAL ROI: Selecting the cheapest option isn’t always the best choice for a business, and this is something we can explain in more detail to you when you get in touch. Finding the most suitable software can provide businesses with a very impressive ROI, outweighing any monthly fees.
  • PERSONALISED SERVICE: Our specialists take the time to talk you through all of your options and what they include.
  • CLEAR EXPLANATIONS: We’ll explain what’s involved with each package we recommend, including the upfront price, contract costs, installation type and features.
  • SPECIALIST TRACKING: We can look for specialised options for your fleet if this is what you require, including stolen vehicle tracking, lone worker software and small tracking devices for motorcycles.
  • FUTURE PLANNING: We take into account your business goals. So if you plan on starting small and growing your business and tracking system, we’ll make sure you choose a scalable option.

If you want to find an up to date system from a reputable manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. Just let us know what type of fleet management live software you’re looking for, and we’ll find solutions.

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