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Fleet Vehicle Tracking – The benefits

Vehicle Tracking / Tuesday 10th July, 2018

Running a business is certainly tough, especially when you have to keep track of a fleet of vehicles and employees. It doesn’t matter whether you have a product or service based business, being able to properly track your vehicles and employees is critical. After all, all of these things cost you money and you need to ensure that the needs of your customers are being met, on time. One of the best ways to manage your fleet is through the use of fleet vehicle tracking gps devices. These devices allow you to remotely track the exact position and location of your vehicle, at all times. We will now take a look at the benefits of this and how it can greatly improve your business while lowering costs.

One of the most common issues businesses have is being unable to tell their customers when their delivery or service person will arrive. Most businesses usually say that the employee will arrive sometime after 2pm etc. However, without accurate tracking, you won’t be able to say exactly when or even know that the employee will actually arrive after 2pm. However, with a fleet vehicle tracking device, you will know exactly where the vehicle is all the time. So, you will be able to confidently answer any customer and give them an accurate time in which the employee will arrive. This will greatly increase your customer satisfaction, which will increase your business ratings.

Additionally, you won’t always have to call your employees and ask them where they are and then trust that what they say, is the truth. You will automatically always know their position, so you don’t have to waste time or money to call them. Also, your employee won’t always have to answer the phone while driving and answer your questions, which is very distracting and can lead to vehicular accidents. They will be more focused on the job at hand and won’t have to deal with all the stress and distraction of being on the phone while driving.

Fleet vehicle tracking

Next, by using gps devices on your fleet of vehicles, you will be able to optimize their use. You will be able to do this by analyzing the data from your gps trackers and determine the idle time for each vehicle as well as fuel consumption and over speeding. This will help you to re-organize the schedules for each vehicle so that you get the most out of your fleet, which will lead to increased profits.

Another common issue that many businesses have is the theft of their vehicles. However with gps tracking devices, any theft will be immediately detected and you will always know the location of the vehicle which the police can use to quickly find it. This will ensure that you vehicle is not stolen for long and will be quickly returned before it is damaged, stolen or even stripped for its parts. Since your vehicle will be at such a reduced risk of being stolen, this can actually reduce your insurance rates. This means that your overall costs will be reduced, which is a huge benefit.

Lastly, by using these devices, you will be able to ensure the safety of your employees since you will be monitoring them in real time. So, if there’s an accident or any other issue, you can immediately send help and assistance. This will definitely help improve your employees attitude since they will feel safe and cared for.

In closing, we have just looked at a few benefits of fleet vehicle tracking and there are many more. It can truly help you to streamline your business and ensure that your assets and employees are safe, productive and as efficient as possible.

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