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GPS Tracker System – What to look for?

Vehicle Tracking / Tuesday 17th July, 2018

There are a lot of GPS tracker systems on the market and you need to know how to choose the right one.  The tracker you use needs to meet all of your needs and help you in various situations.  These trackers can be used to locate your vehicle and guide you to your destination.

Real-Time Tracking

The first feature that you should look for when choosing a GPS tracker is real-time tracking.  When you have real-time tracking, you will be able to see where your car is and where it is heading at any time.  This will be updated as the car moves which is very important if you want to correctly track it.

It is important that the real-time tracking feature works at all times and uses a simple interface.  There is no point in having this feature if you are never able to turn it on or access the data.  Real-time tracking can also help when you are being guided to your destination as you will be able to see if you are taking the right path at any time.


Tracking Particular Trips

The GPS tracker system that you use should store the trips your car completes and allow you to access the data.  This can be displayed on a map or graphically.  You will generally want to be able to see the trip on the map and be able to get the information about the trip in a graph or table.  The information that you should be looking for will include the distance travelled, stoppages, average speeds, idling and the engine time.

If you are looking at a more advanced system, you will be able to replay the whole trip.  Of course, these systems will generally cost more than the average GPS tracker system.  These systems will also be able to tell you about any areas where you have over-sped.

GPS Tracker


The GPS tracker system that you look at should also provide you with alerts about the behaviour of your vehicle and the actions of the driver.  You need to be able to set the alerts to ensure that you get all the information that you want.  Some of the alerts that you will be able to set include route deviation alerts, speeding alerts, tampering alerts and alerts to any fuel pilferage.

These alerts will be very important, particularly if you are not the only person to drive the vehicle.  Alerts will ensure that you know exactly what is happening to your car and when you need to perform certain maintenance.  This will lengthen the life of your car and lower the overall repair costs that you face.



An advanced level of customised alerts is GeoFencing and is something that you need to know about.  When you use this feature, you will be able to set certain boundaries which are called fences.  When the vehicle your GPS tracker is attached to leaves the area within these fences, you will receive an alert.  The alert may be sent to you via email or text depending on how you have customised the settings.


Access Control And User Management

If you are the owner of a fleet of cars, you will need to get a GS tracker that offers access control and user management.  This is important for the running of your business and the tracking of your fleet.  When you have these features enabled, you will be able to add and adjust the profile of the users.

You will also be able to manage the access through the management system.  You will also be able to categorize users into groups and then view information on the whole group.


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