GPS tracking device - have you got the right one for your business?

GPS Tracking Device – Do You Have the Right One?

Vehicle Tracking / Friday 06th April

Businesses are under pressure to reduce costs and keep up with their competitors, and those who manage fleets are no different. Those in the industry often have to supervise vehicles while not in their presence, making it difficult to monitor driver movements and understand the true picture of their life on the road.

The use of GPS tracking device software has changed the face of vehicle management, especially for companies who provide transportation services and deliver goods. In fact, the software has become a pillar of these industries for implementing the most cost-effective processes. It’s brought more control to operations while providing increased opportunities for reducing fuel costs and planning efficient routes.

So, what is GPS live tracking and why is it so beneficial to businesses?

GPS Tracking Device Technology – How Does it Work?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is formed from a network of satellites orbiting the Earth which transmit radio signals. Those with a GPS-enabled device such as a satnav, smartphone or vehicle tracking system can receive information from the radio signals and calculate how far away each satellite is based on the time it took to receive the data. After receiving signals from several satellites (at least three), your GPS tracker can pinpoint your precise location. Clever right?

This intelligent satellite-navigation means all you need is a GPS device to find out exactly where you are in the world. In the commercial sector, it means businesses can use small tracking devices in their vehicles to enhance their fleet management. This type of GPS technology locks onto satellites as soon as it’s turned on, ensuring that vehicles can be accurately tracked while they’re on the move.

Benefits of Business Vehicle Tracking

When looking at the benefits of vehicle tracking, there are two aspects to consider. The first is the pure GPS tracking element which allows businesses to locate the exact position of their vehicles. The second element to consider is the other benefits of tracking and telematics which either come from integration possibilities and the indirect consequences of implementing the technology into a fleet.

Tracking Your Fleet

  • Communicate more effectively with your drivers, pinpointing where they are at all times and improving response times.
  • Improve employee efficiency by monitoring movements in work hours and ensuring they comply with company policy.
  • Easily identify the nearest driver for a job. This is particularly advantageous in the transportation industry where calls from customers are made at short notice. Fast turnaround times can only be good for a business’ reputation.
  • Integration with a vehicle tracking app has opened the doors for customers to track drivers themselves which takes pressure off managers while producing a higher level of customer service. This can be anything from seeing how close a taxi driver is to their location to checking how many stops away a delivery driver is. Customer satisfaction levels will be greatly improved as a result.
  • Ensure business vehicles are only used for commercial activities and not private use during work hours.
  • Accurately plan routes when making several deliveries in one day. Map journeys in the most logical order, taking the most efficient route and using live traffic reports to avoid areas of congestion.
  • Geo-fencing capabilities enable businesses to designate zones for drivers to stay within while monitoring unauthorised travel out of zone parameters.
Other Benefits of Telematics

Saving Money

The overall aim of the majority of businesses is to make money, so when you invest in fleet management software, it’s important to understand how your ROI will be increased through the numerous ways in which each car tracking device UK product will save a company money. Some of the main cost-saving benefits include:

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Lower fuel costs by reducing excessive consumption (including monitoring of engine idling)
  • Automation of administrative tasks (such as recording driver hours), reducing unnecessary travel and overtime
  • Better monitoring of vehicle conditions, reducing costly repairs later on
  • Higher productivity levels
  • Accurate billing of customers
  • Reduce driver mileage and fraudulent overtime claims for those vehicles with little supervision


There are numerous safety benefits of tracking and telematics. This includes integration with vehicle features to monitor driver behaviour and promote safer driving practices. This has cut down on inappropriate and unsafe driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking and harsh steering. Having the tracking device in the vehicle is a deterrent, but if the behaviour continues, it can easily be flagged and addressed with the offending party. Vehicle trackers can also be reassuring for drivers who often feel vulnerable as lone workers. If they have any issues or breakdowns, their exact location is easily identified while integrated technology such as a car dash cam provides video footage of any incidents (also handy for insurance claims). Alerts for maximum driver hours and required breaks also ensures companies comply with driver safety rules.


Environmental Benefits

With more importance being put on reducing carbon emissions and upholding their responsibility towards the environment, fleet managers must rethink their approach. Whether car, motorcycle or van trackers, businesses can use the technology to become more eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. This includes cracking down on fuel wasting activities such as engine idling and speeding. It’s important to look at the entire process to see where unnecessary fuel wastage is taking place while improving the efficiency of your fleet.

Vehicle Maintenance

Advanced vehicle maintenance schedules have been developed thanks to easy vehicle check recording and performance reports. Any issues with the vehicle can be easily documented by drivers so that repairs are dealt with efficiently, reducing breakdown costs. Service plans can be reliably scheduled, ensuring they don’t affect business or cause delays while maintaining your fleet at a high standard.

Integration with Other Applications

With so many benefits of installing a GPS tracking device in your fleet, you wouldn’t think there was room for many other features. However, with technology advancements, tracking devices can be integrated with other functions in the vehicle. This includes seatbelt use, door locking mechanisms, ignition and alarm systems. Some trackers also come in the form of satnav-integrated devices which means drivers get all the benefits of satnav technology (including points of interest such as rest stops and petrol stations) while having advanced GPS tracking within the vehicle.

How to Ensure You Have the Right Vehicle Tracking Device

Whether considering GPS trackers for the first time or ensuring you already have the best car tracking device in place for your fleet, there are a number of factors to consider. Determining if you have the right one installed can take patience and research, so ensure you have the resources and time to source the information you need.

One of the smartest choices for ensuring you have the right software for your business needs is by using a comparison site. Here at the Vehicle Tracking Channel (VTC), we offer this as a specialist service to our customers.

How do we identify the right vehicle tracker for your business?

Why waste time trawling through mountains of information and data when we have succinct, accurate information at our fingertips? We only recommend reputable manufacturers who are known for their reliable tracking and fleet management live systems. This includes the best value trackers from brands such as TomTom, Teletrac Navman, Crystal Ball, Verizon Connect (was Fleetmatics), Quartix and RAM Tracking.

  • TRACKER TYPES: We’ll help you identify the right type of tracker for your business setup. This includes hardwired trackers for wider coverage and integration features, as well as plug and play trackers if you need portable options (especially if using rental vehicles).
  • FLEET SIZE & VEHICLE SPECIFICS: Whether needing a single car tracking device or you manage hundreds of lorries, we’ll find you the right tracker for the size of your fleet and the types of vehicle you need them for. Smaller motorcycle tracker devices are also available which may be suitable for businesses which supply courier services.
  • FEATURES: Whether looking for a simple GPS tracker for car satnavs or advanced features such as fuel card integration, we’ll find the right package which ticks everything on your wish list. If you have specific requirements, some tracker manufacturers allow you to customise your tracker packages with additional bolt-ons. Let us know if you would like a tracking system which integrates with mobile app technology (ideal for fleet managers on the move and for customers to track their own deliveries).
  • HUMAN TO HUMAN CONTACT: The problem with many comparison sites is that often you just want to talk through your options with someone rather than trying to interpret results on a screen. Here at the VTC, we understand the importance of a personalised consultation, so our experts take the time to find out more about your business setup, its goals and the best options for your requirements.

Why waste time trawling through mountains of information and data when we have succinct, accurate information at our fingertips? We only recommend reputable manufacturers who are known for their reliable tracking and fleet management live systems. This includes the best value trackers from brands such as TomTom, Teletrac Navman, Crystal Ball, Verizon Connect (was Fleetmatics), Quartix and RAM Tracking.

If you’d like to ensure you have the right GPS tracking device for your fleet, ask for your free quotation and consultation now.

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