Motorcycle tracker guide: how to protect your vehicles & fleet

Motorcycle Tracker Guide – Protect Your Vehicle

Vehicle Tracking / Sunday 15th April

Last year, the Home Office predicted that 30,000 motorcycles would have been stolen by the end of the year and that figures for this type of vehicle theft are on the rise, showing the need to start protecting our mopeds, motorbikes and scooters better.

For those using their motorcycle for business use or for fleet managers dealing with the cost of running a group of vehicles, the use of motorcycle tracker software can provide a solution to this growing security issue.

Motorbikes are now being used more for commercial purposes than ever with many larger delivery companies recognising that they’re quicker to get around on, cheaper to run and they don’t have to pay Transport for London’s Congestion Charge. This is a great option for those companies running a courier or food delivery service.

So, how can implementing a vehicle tracking system help? Here’s everything you need to know about motorcycle vehicle tracking and protecting your fleet.

What Is a Motorcycle Tracker?

When looking at the different types of systems which track motorcycles, one of the most common types of vehicle tracking device is a GPS tracker. This works via the Global Positioning System in which multiple satellites orbiting around the Earth send out radio signals. Any GPS live technology (e.g., in our phones, satnavs or trackers) can receive signals from several of the satellites at the same time, measure the time it took to receive the signals and use this information to produce a real-time position of where it is in the world. These systems have transformed the fleet management industry, with motorcycles being fitted with small tracking devices which can locate where the vehicle has been taken at any time, as well as creating alerts for unauthorised use.

Benefits of Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Motorcycle theft has become a problem in the UK with them being much easier to steal than other vehicles such as car. Luckily, motorcycle trackers can help combat this issue, and you can even implement a system which is managed by an offsite facility. If they suspect or get alerted to unauthorised use of your vehicle, they can call the police. Other systems will alert the owner via a vehicle tracking app on their smartphone, PC or tablet if unauthorised movement takes place.

Some of the benefits of stolen vehicle tracking include:

  • Creating alerts for unauthorised movements and vehicle use – If someone steals or moves your motorcycle, it will transmit an instant alert to the system. Precise location detection and geo-fencing restrictions will help to find the vehicle in real-time when it’s on the move or if it’s left somewhere else.
  • Anti-tamper alerts – While trackers are usually very small and discreet devices which may be concealed depending on installation, some can be fitted with anti-tamper software which means that if anyone tries to interfere with the tracker, it will send out an alert. While some thieves may recognise when a device is present, this can also act as a deterrent for theft.
  • Improved recovery rate – Having a vehicle stolen makes you a victim of a crime which can understandably be a frustrating and upsetting experience, as well as leading to loss of work, money and a treasured possession. Being able to trace your stolen vehicle quickly and easily ensures the chances of recovering your vehicle are high, returning it to its rightful owner. Many of the devices are also ‘Police approved’, so check all the details before investing.
  • 24/7 security – Monitoring of your vehicle doesn’t just take place during office hours. Stolen vehicle tracking works around the clock 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many trackers even have European coverage, so they can track its destination if taken out of the country.
  • Lower insurance premiums – Many insurance providers look favourably upon the implementation of vehicle trackers with it reducing the risks of them having to pay out to replace an entire vehicle. Speak with your provider to check terms and conditions as they may require a tracker to be professionally installed and only recognised certain manufacturers. You may even be asked the ‘Thatcham Category’ of the device. Thatcham Categories 6 and 7 relate to ‘stolen vehicle tracking’ and ‘stolen vehicle location’ respectively. They may include a police or licensed security agreement and illegal motion detection. You can also discuss further discounts for fitting other devices such as a car dash cam installed on the front of the vehicle, making any insurance liability disputes easier than ever for the providers.
Other Benefits of Motorcycle Trackers

While the motorcycle tracker industry often talks about vehicle security, there are many benefits of implementing a GPS tracking device related to telematics. This is particularly apt if you want to invest in fleet management software and become more cost-efficient.

Some of the main benefits include:

Achieve Shorter Journey Times

While avoiding areas of congestion aren’t always as necessary for motorcycles, traffic jams and roadworks can immensely slow down journey times. Routing functions on some motorbike and car tracking device software can help plan out the most efficient route to each destination as well as the best delivery order if you have multiple journeys to make.

Save Money

One of the best reasons for investing in business vehicle tracking is that it will help you reduce some of your largest expenses when running a fleet of vehicles. This includes excessive fuel costs, driver hours, insurance and vehicle maintenance. Advanced tracking features allow for more cost-efficient operations, integration with functions such as fuel sensors, automated timesheet submissions and organised servicing and repairs.

Enforce Driving Standards

The reputation of your business, as well as the condition of your fleet, can be affected by the way your vehicles are driven by employees. Motorcycle, car and van trackers can be used to monitor driving (e.g., speed, steering, braking and idling times), act a deterrent and provide evidence when addressing inappropriate behaviour. This can even be done automatically or manually while they’re on the road via a driver terminal where driver safety messages can be relayed to them.

Easy Compliance

As a business, employee safety is paramount as well as safeguarding your own licensing and responsibilities as a business. When it comes to driver hours, there are strict guidelines in place for both maximum hours and driver rest times, and tracking device systems have made these easier than ever to comply with, alerting both managers and drivers to compliance information.

Improve the Customer Experience

Customer service is everything when it comes to client satisfaction levels. Whatever the purpose of your fleet, whether making deliveries, travelling to different locations or even acting as a taxi service, the customer’s overall experience can determine if they’ll use you again or recommend your services to others. Implementing a GPS tracker for car and motorcycle fleets has expanded the power of the customer, often giving them information they need such as how far a delivery driver is away or how many stops until their delivery arrives. Not only does this improve their experience, but reduces time for managers and other staff in answering queries and tracking drivers themselves.

How to Find the Right Vehicle Tracker for You

If you’re looking for the right fleet management live system or car tracking device UK products, we provide one of the most simple and hassle-free ways to find what you need. Businesses can spend hours trying to identifying the right deal, the best model for their fleet and trying to distinguish between each brand.

As experts in the tracking industry, we already have this expertise at hand, just waiting to be unlocked by fleet managers, who find our services supportive, knowledgeable and simple to follow from initial contact through to making a decision about their chosen tracking products.

Here at the Vehicle Tracking Channel, we specialise in matching the right package to a business’ needs. We’ll look at:

  • The size of your fleet
  • The types of vehicles you need to track
  • Desired features such as video technology and dash cams
  • Your price range
  • Your business setup

From this, we produce customised results, taking you through your options step by step. Unlike many other comparison sites, we don’t just send you results on a screen. We provide a personalised service by talking you through your choices, what each device can do for you and potential ROI. If there’s a particular brand you like, such as RAM Tracking, Teletrac Navman or TomTom, we can also explain the various packages they offer and what’s included as standard in their pricing. We only recommend reputable manufacturers who provide tried and tested packages we know will be suitable for your fleet and business setup.


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