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Vehicle Tracking System: The Guide

Vehicle Tracking System: The Guide

Vehicle Tracking System: The Guide

Vehicle Tracking / Tuesday 10th April

If you manage any number of drivers and vehicles, whether 1 or 100, it’s essential to ensure your fleet is operating as efficiently as possible. If not, you could risk spending too much on expenses such as fuel and driver hours while not delivering on your promises to customers, damaging your reputation in the process.

A vehicle tracking system provides businesses with the ideal solution, offering managers valuable information about their fleet while giving drivers the tools and resources to organise their journeys better and drive more efficiently..

How Can a Vehicle Tracking System Benefit Your Business?

A van or car tracking device UK software system involves installing a GPS live tracker into your vehicles. This can be a ‘plug and play’ device simply plugged into your OBD socket, software integrated with your satnavs or a GPS tracker for car dashboards which are hardwired into the electrical system of the vehicle.

Each device’s capabilities vary depending on the model you’ve chosen and the features you’ve asked for. Data collected can include anything from the location of the vehicle to driver hours, routes and speeds. There are plenty of additional features you can opt for too such as integration with your fuel card, driver behaviour monitoring and geo-fencing to ensure vehicles stay within defined zones.

The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

GREATER CONTROL: Having such advanced insight into the whereabouts of your vehicles, driver behaviour and vehicle conditions is a fantastic way to manage your fleet better and ensure your operations are running as smoothly as possible. It also provides businesses with the opportunity to clamp down on any behaviour which could be damaging their vehicles, costing money and risking safety such as harsh steering and speeding. This means you can address issues more easily and identify whether problems are specific to individuals or the whole team, adjusting actions accordingly.

REDUCED COSTS: Ensuring fleet operations run as efficiently as possible is an ideal way to save money and reduce expenses. This includes excessive fuel consumption, understanding the cause and taking action to prevent such losses. This could be something as simple as identifying which drivers are spending time engine idling for long periods of time. It’s also possible to manage your vehicle maintenance better, reducing the need for costly repairs and improving insurance premiums.

IMPROVED JOURNEYS: Routing and journey planning features make for easier monitoring of your fleet as well as helping drivers to achieve their goals, resulting in a happier workforce. GPS tracking device features may include live traffic reports to help avoid congestion, tacho integration to record driver hours (reducing the need for them to travel back to base) and planning the most efficient routes possible. Tracking devices also ensure you remain within compliance framework for aspects such as maximum driver hours and driver break rules, keeping an accurate record of this data while alerting drivers to requirements.

ENHANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE: As well as keeping everyone in your business happy, the most important person to consider is your end customer. Finding the best van or car tracking device for your vehicles will help you improve the service you offer to your customers. This includes faster turnaround times, on-time deliveries and accurate tracking of their goods. This ensures you successfully fulfil your promises to customers, enhancing your reputation as a reliable company to work with.

Once you’ve decided that vehicle tracking systems can help your company, choosing the right devices for your vehicles is the next challenge to overcome. Luckily, using a comparison site to find the right software for your business is one of the easiest ways to make the best choice.

Why Use a Comparison Site?

Using a comparison site to help you find the best vehicle tracking device for your needs is a great way to easily narrow down your choices and make an informed decision about the right system for your setup, fleet size and business goals.

Get the Best ROI

We know most types of vehicle tracking can help reduce your costs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ensure you’re reaching optimum efficiency within your fleet. Finding a vehicle tracker which fits perfectly with your business setup and aims will help you become as cost-efficient as possible and get the best return on investment (ROI). This doesn’t necessarily mean going for the lowest priced option. Sometimes it’s worth investing more if the cost-saving benefits will be greater. Don’t just settle for the first tracker you find – ensure you have explored all your options before making a final decision. This is something vehicle tracking comparison sites will do for you, presenting you with the best value options for your needs.

Save Time

When looking for the right vehicle tracking system, you’ll find there are a lot of different companies in the industry providing different tracking systems. Putting together the wealth of information you need to make the best decision for your company takes much time, effort and resources to undertake yourself. Professional comparison experts can provide you with the same information in a fraction of the time, narrowing down your options based on your requirements so that all you need to do is make the final decision. Your time is valuable, so don’t waste hours scouring online for information an expert already has at their fingertips.

Use Expert Knowledge

Comparison specialists have in-depth knowledge and expertise about each type of tracking device. This includes its features, benefits, cost and how it can improve your fleet management processes. Experts at the Vehicle Tracking Channel (VTC) take into account a variety of factors when finding the best options for your business. These include:

the size of your fleet (even if it’s just one vehicle you want to track)
whether you require a car dash cam with your software
the type of vehicles you want to track, e.g. a motorcycle tracker
your location

One of the complaints you may read about comparison sites is the lack of personal contact with an expert. However, here at VTC, you can speak to one of our specialists who will take the time to explain your options rather than just present choices on a screen. This also helps narrow down your choices faster if there are specific functions you want such as a device which can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle (plug and play trackers or satnav-integrated trackers), integration with a vehicle tracking app for those on the move or even small tracking devices for motorcycles. Whatever your individual needs, they’ll find a tracker for your bespoke requirements.

Vehicle Tracking Providers

If searching for car and van trackers yourself, it can be hard to know which providers to trust. Comparison sites like the VTC will include the best deals from a wider range of tracker companies than you’ll find yourself, identifying the best deals which meet your needs. Being the experts in vehicle trackers, you’ll know that the devices they source are from reputable companies who provide some of the best quality and value products on the market. Using a comparison channel is like having your own birds-eye view of the vehicle tracking industry without having to dedicate your own time to achieving such insight. Comparison experts will also stay on top of any changes within each company, so a product you thought was expensive a few months ago, may now be affordable for your company or have a great discount deal going on.

Some of the main providers in the industry who provide tracking devices include:

  • Teletrac NavmanTeletrac Navman specialise in GPS fleet management software which has capabilities for mapping, routing, vehicle analytics, two-way messaging, driver safety and compliance functions.
  • Crystal BallCrystal Ball offer a variety of vehicle, camera and mobile tracking systems. Their standard fleet tracker includes geo-fencing, alerts, reporting, live locations and journey playback capabilities. They provide options to customise your system with a selection of bolt-ons for bonus features such as fuel card integration, driver behaviour monitoring and asset management.
  • Quartix – Quartix offers a range of GPS tracker systems with their cheapest option offering 2-minute updates, online timesheets, traffic and a free app. Their top of the range software adds in options such as fuel card tools, fleet compliance functions and driver management capabilities.
  • FleetmaticsNow known as Verizon Connect, their advanced GPS fleet tracking software can be accessed from anywhere. Their system includes maintenance scheduling, hardware diagnostic alerts, driver education tools and detailed maps of real-time activity.
  • RAM Tracking – RAM Tracking deliver a wide range of tracking products including business vehicle tracking, best car tracking device software and fleet management live GPS systems.

Narrow down your options with VTC’s expert help.

Working with VTC

The Vehicle Tracking Channel are the experts in the vehicle tracking system industry, understanding what you need from the software and how to get the best ROI for your business.

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