Vehicle tracking app guide: how tracking apps can benefit your business

Vehicle Tracking App: Why Is Having a Good App Important?

Vehicle Tracking / Sunday 08th April

Vehicle tracking software has revolutionised fleet management and the way businesses manage their driving teams. However, advancements in technology have also opened up opportunities to monitor vehicles on the move, using smartphones and tablets for uses which would’ve traditionally been limited to a desktop PC or laptop.

If you’re a fleet manager, the introduction of a vehicle tracking app is the ideal way to use technology to your advantage, finding ways to save time, lower costs and improve the efficiency of your fleet while creating a more flexible working pattern when fulfilling your duties.

What Can a Vehicle Tracking App Do for Your Business?

Vehicle tracking apps involve accessing data via a phone or tablet which can collect and analyse a variety of data types about your fleet. This includes their location, driver hours and planned routes. Using apps as part of your business vehicle tracking processes means one of two options. Smartphones can be used as a GPS tracking device which is great for small businesses who purely need to locate their drivers (although there are some drawbacks involved). However, for those who wish to implement the most cost-effective fleet management software on the market, choosing car tracking device UK systems which integrate with mobile apps is the ideal way to maximise success and save money.

Managing on the Move

The role of a transport manager is a busy one with their work often requiring them to be out and about away from the office. Duties include ensuring fleet and haulage get to their destinations safely, checking deliveries are made on time and implementing the most cost-effective ways of working. Being on the move makes managing vehicles more challenging, including having to keep track of where drivers are. Tracking apps have made life easier than ever before for fleet managers, using a vehicle tracking system to locate exactly where each of your vehicles is at any time. The tracking apps use GPS live systems to place a vehicle on a map, saving fuel and time by not having to travel back to the office to find out the same information. By installing the apps on driver phones, it’s also a great way of tracking where the drivers are when not in their vehicles.

  • Locate the nearest driver for a job.
  • Help breakdown services know exactly where a vehicle is.
  • Know exactly where your drivers are at any time with real-time tracking and whether they’re en route to a job.
  • Manage your fleet away from the office with access to reports and costs even when out of hours.
  • Have everything you need at your fingertips to easily carry out your role while on the move.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Waiting for deliveries and goods to arrive can be a frustrating experience for customers even if everything is on schedule. Logistics and vehicle management play a key role in coordinating a fleet and ensuring customer expectations are fulfilled. Luckily, having a vehicle tracking device which is compatible with apps can provide users with more information than ever before. With the ability to give customers their own logins to monitor and track delivery drivers, it provides a higher level of customer service than ever before. This will help build your reputation as a business and can also save managers the time and hassle of tracking deliveries on behalf of their customers. It may also cut down on the number of wasted journeys drivers make, especially if your customers are domestic rather than commercial clients. Customers can see where their delivery is, giving them greater flexibility in their day and ensuring they’re available when the delivery arrives.

  • Reduce time spent answering customer queries.
  • Provide a positive experience for customers to enhance their satisfaction levels.
  • Alert customers when drivers are close.
  • Set the bar in the industry for great customer service.

Save Drivers Time

With drivers usually conducting most of their day-to-day work away from the office, it can be a nuisance for them to return to base to manually submit their hours. Not only this, but it can waste more fuel (at the expense of business profits) and clock up more hours. Previously used solutions have included investing in additional kit for drivers to enter their timesheets, but with a vehicle tracking app, this won’t be necessary. It means that drivers can update their working hours through their own phones and app.

  • Find cost-effective ways for drivers to record their hours.
  • Create automated services to cut down on unnecessary administrative work.
  • Create a positive work environment, cutting down on time-wasting tasks.
  • Continue to reduce your costs on large expenses such as excessive fuel consumption.

Vehicle Tracker Integration

While some smaller businesses simply download apps on their drivers’ phones to show their location, the data received will be basic, relying on a phone to be present within the vehicle and with enough battery and signal to be monitored throughout the day. Some apps also have limits on the number of drivers who can be connected. One of the most cost-efficient ways to manage your fleet and receive detailed data, while still benefitting from all the advantages of having vehicle management capabilities on the move, is to integrate tracking device software with an app. This is an all-inclusive method which connects all your vehicles to the central fleet manager who can monitor from one place.

Luckily, many of the best car tracking device systems in the industry now have this capability, including Fleetmatics, Quartix and RAM Tracking, offering a mobile app which stores information and data taken from small tracking devices installed in each vehicle.

Get more detailed information on the move including:


  • Geo-fencing features: setting perimeters around particular zones and creating alerts if vehicles stray from these areas
  • Vehicle performance: monitor where improvements have been made while upholding your corporate responsibility towards the environment
  • Fuel card integration: pinpoint vehicles which are consuming the most fuel
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: including excessive engine idling, harsh braking, harsh steering and speeding
  • Routing features: plan journeys in the most logical order while avoiding restricted areas and traffic jams
  • Vehicle maintenance: record the status and condition of each vehicle, while staying on top of repairs and annual service requirements
  • Compliance: driver safety is something which businesses must adhere to, and this includes rules and regulations on driver hours as well as requirements for breaks

Using a Vehicle Tracking Channel to Find the Best System

Once you’ve decided to implement GPS tracker software, it’s important to find the right system for your fleet. This can be a time-consuming task, but it’s important to choose car or van trackers which are the most suitable for your business.

Luckily, the ideal solution lies in using a comparison site to do the hard work for you. The Vehicle Tracking Channel (VTC) does just this, helping you to find the best system for your needs.

Why use a comparison channel?

  • Benefit from customised services which will find the right tracker for your business needs.
  • Locate the type of tracker which is suitable for your business setup, including plug and play trackers (easily move from vehicle to vehicle), hardwired trackers (get wider coverage and software integration capabilities) and satnav-integrated options.
  • Find the best car tracking device for integration with vehicle tracking apps, managing your fleet anytime, anywhere.
  • Experts will look at your business size (even if only one vehicle) and the types of vehicle in your fleet. This includes motorcycle tracker systems and GPS tracker for car or van dashboards.
  • Get all the functions and features you want, including fleet management live images using car dash cam software.
  • Know that you’re only being recommended reputable vehicle trackers from some of the top manufacturers in the industry such as TomTom, Crystal Ball and Teletrac Navman.
  • Get the best ROI (return on investment) by finding the lowest priced options which meet all of your requirements, including must-have features and cost-saving functions which will make the investment worthwhile, saving you more money further down the line.

At the VTC, our customers love our personalised service because we manage the process for you, giving you direct access to an expert, unlike many other comparison sites. We make things simple by guiding you through the process step by step from start to finish, taking details about your needs and setup to identify the best vehicle tracking systems for your business. As vehicle tracking specialists, we have all the information we need at our fingertips, saving you hours of time and stress working out the difference between systems, various types of trackers, benefits of each manufacturer’s software and which are the best-priced options for your requirements. Our free consultations are the perfect solution for talking through what’s right for your company.

If you’d like to find the ideal tracking system for your business, including integration with a vehicle tracking app, ask for a free consultation & quotation now.

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